Makkah Route Initiative Welcomes Pilgrims Smoothly at Shah Jalal International Airport in Dhaka, Bangladesh – A Testament to Kingdom’s Dedication to Serve Guest of Rahman

The “Makkah Route” Initiative Helps Bangladeshi Pilgrims

The “Makkah Route” initiative at the Shah Jalal International Airport in the capital, Dhaka, continues to welcome pilgrims from the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, who benefit from the initiative, and complete their procedures smoothly.

Bangladeshi Pilgrims Express Happiness

Bangladeshi pilgrim beneficiaries expressed their feeling of happiness through the procedures and facilities they found in the initiative hall, through cooperation and assisting pilgrims in completing their procedures before boarding the plane, as well as to the smile that accompanies all the operators in the room, from the beginning of the procedures to boarding the plane, which indicates the dedication of all Saudi cadres, men and women, to serve the pilgrims of the House of God.

Thankfulness to Leaders for Service to Two Holy Mosques

The pilgrims expressed their thanks to the wise guide – God bless them – for their service to the Two Holy Mosques and their destinations, for performing their rituals with ease and confidence, praising this initiative, and adding to the great efforts of the Kingdom to facilitate the services provided to Rahman’s guests, which help ease the burden of pilgrims and ease their travel procedures.

Fifth Year of Implementation

Interestingly, the Home Ministry is implementing the “Makkah Road” initiative for the fifth year, with the participation of different entities in (7) countries: Bangladesh, Morocco, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Turkey and the Ivory Coast, as part of the Kingdom’s efforts to serve Rahman’s guests, and his passion for caring for them, watering them and assisting them and caring take care of their business in all parts of the world.

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