Malaysia lifted export ban on “black chicken” … Singapore protests

Malaysia partially lifted the chicken export ban it had adopted to curb shortages in its domestic market on Tuesday, but sparked protests in Singapore over price increases.

Malaysian authorities have allowed resumption of exports of open-air chickens and “black chicken”, a breed that appeals to gourmets, according to a decision issued by the Veterinary Services Authority and seen by the AFP, but does not include chickens raised in poultry and make up the bulk of sales. .

Therefore, the effect of the decision is limited to the supply of the neighboring country.

Malaysia’s chicken exports were around 3.6 million per month when the ban came in in effective on 1 June.

The decision was influenced by Singapore, which depends in much of it from its Malaysian neighbor for its food, including about a third of its chicken needs.

Like many countries, Malaysia is facing a sharp rise in prices, in particular of foodstuffs, which prompted it to adopt this protectionist measure.

Other countries have taken similar measures, including India which suspended grain exports and Indonesia which suspended palm oil exports.