Mali: There is no legal basis for the French presence on our soil

After the military junta in Mali announced the cancellation of defense agreements with France, reiterated that Paris no longer had a legal basis to carry out military operations on its territory after Bamco withdrew from the main defense agreements.

Malian Foreign Minister Abdoulaye Diop said Wednesday that it will take six months for the cooperation agreement to be formally terminated in defense matters of 2014 with France enter in force.

No legal basis

He also added that the legal termination of the agreements in 2013 and 2020 concerning the French operation “Barkhane” and the European operation “Takoba” in Mali have entered in force immediately.

He pointed out that as of May 2, the agreement covering Barkhane and the agreement covering Takoba with regard to Mali have ceased to apply, which means that from this moment there is no legal basis for France to operate on the territory of Mali. , as he stated.

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deterioration of relationships

It is noteworthy that the military council in power in Mali had announced the cancellation of the defense agreements signed with France and its European partners, in a new step that reflects the deterioration of relations between Bamako and his former allies in the battle against extremist groups.

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The French Foreign Ministry spokeswoman had revealed in a written declaration that your country, after having notified the unilateral decision of the transitional financial authorities to cancel these agreements on 2 May, considers tale unjustified decision and officially denies any violation of the bilateral legal framework that can be attributed to Barkhane Force, according to her.

Interestingly, Mali had condemned in a letter sent to the United Nations at the end of April, of which a copy was obtained by Agence France-Presse, for what was said to be “the repeated and deliberate violations of domestic airspace by foreign aircraft, in particularly the French forces, with the aim of espionage, intimidation and sabotage, “according to the letter.

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