Mallika Dua’s mother Chinna Dua said goodbye to the world

Padmavati Dua, mother of actor-comedian Mallika Dua, who was affectionately known as Chinna Dua, said goodbye to this world on Friday night. It happened last month that both Mallika’s father, Veteran Journalist Vinod Dua and her mother were admitted to the hospital in Gurugram due to Corona. Mallika also had corona but she again on 7th June her father was discharged from the hospital but her mother could not return home. Giving this news, Malika wrote on her social media, “She left all of us last night. My whole whole God..amma I’m sorry I couldn’t save you. Fought a very good battle. My heart, you are my whole life.

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Paying tribute to Chinna Dua, Rajdeep Sardesai wrote, “The more powerful, the more powerful Dr Padmavati ‘Chinna’ Dua, the wife of Veteran Journalist Vinod Dua, after weeks of fighting against Corona, left this world saying goodbye. My prayers are with her family in such difficult times. Confessions of her grief with words “On May 22, Chinna Dua wrote a long post telling her loved ones her condition, in which she told that she will get well soon with everyone’s prayers. May God rest his soul.

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