Man claims justice after claiming he was brutally beaten by agents in Stockton

Jacob Angelo Servin went on social media on Tuesday to show his wounds as he called for justice after claiming he was brutally beaten by agents in Stockton, California.

He said, “Never, for a million years, have I thought I was a victim of a racist crime motivated by hate. Yesterday, 3 Stockton racist county sheriffs held me to the ground, beat me, choked me, kicked me and tried to break my neck, fists and batons, one by one a long time, as I screamed and shouted at them to stop. “

He spoke to Fox 40 in more detail about the incident and revealed that he was arrested by the police on Sunday after being removed from his vehicle by two officers after leaving the bar at the Basilique Boulevard on the Grand Canal with his girlfriend. According to the police station, the police department stated that he was arrested around 11 pm because he was suspected of public intoxication. He was taken to San Joaquin County Jail where he was placed in custody.

Officers allegedly claimed there were no visible injuries. However, Jacob stated that the police had started to use racist language against him and that he would not remain silent about it. The sheriff’s office said he was “combative” during the booking process. Jacob claims that it was when he was taken to a closed area where he was held and beaten.

Jacob went on to detail the incident in his message on social media and said, “They let me die with my face disfigured, a broken nose, lacerations in the face and a ton of bruises all over my body. a huge blood loss. I am barely able to walk alone because of the damage to my whole body and the injuries my bones in my heart have caused. “

According to Fox 40, Jacob denied the medical treatment that was offered to him in prison because of his fear.

The San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office told Fox 40 in a statement: “The administrative process has begun and this is an active investigation.”

Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs also spoke about the incident and said on Jacob’s message: “Sorry, that happened to me. Unacceptable.”

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