Man of Medan receives the passport and The Curator’s Cut is available for owners


  • Friend’s Pass: Enjoy a free play through the shared story mode with a friend who does not own the game
  • All owners of Man of Medan can download the pre-order bonus from The Curator’s Cut for free
  • Friend’s Pass is a time limited offer for Man of Medan

We were very happy about the answer to . Man of Medan and wanted to celebrate with the announcement of an exciting free update that we release for the Christmas season! It’s called “Friend’s Pass,” allowing you and friends a free play through of Man of Medan’s “Shared Story” mode – and only one of you has to own the full version of the game!

How does it work? Owner of Man of
Medan will receive this feature in an upcoming patch, so all you have to do is
If it goes live on November 27, you can do it after the update

What does your friend have to do? Again very easy. Just make sure you download the trial version of the game, which is easy to find in the Microsoft Store. Xbox Live Gold is required so that both players can experience the entire game together with Friend’s Pass.

Once you have the latest version of
Game is running, and your friend has run the trial, are you ready
Begin. If you are the owner of the full game, just go to the main menu.
Select “Do not Play Alone” and then “Split Story”. You are called as the one
Host to invite your friend and you will be asked if you want to use yours
Friends pass. Once your invitation is accepted, you can experience a whole
Play through shared story mode with your friend! Please note this once
You used your friend’s pass. He was consumed and is no longer valid

Note: The Friend’s Pass is limited in time
Offer and will be available for download at least one month after the initial installation
Publication on November 27, 2019.

We are looking forward to even more
Players using the shared story mode. It is a very different experience than
We hope that both you and your friend enjoy the game.

We have more good news! We are very happy
announcing that the Curator’s Cut, previously only a pre-order bonus,
from today on for free! The Curator’s Cut is available for
Download in the Xbox Store and after the installation is automatically unlocked once
You have completed the main story. You can play with the Curator’s Cut
Alternative scenes that were not available on your first playout will give a
different perspective on the events of your story.

We hope you enjoy the Friend’s Pass and the
Curator cut!

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