Man Who Was Attacked, Stalked By Bear For A Week Rescued In Alaska

Man Who Was Attacked, Stalked By Bear For A Week Rescued In Alaska

A remote mining camp in Alaska, where a Coast Guard rescued the survivor of a bear attack

A man who fended off attacks from a wild grizzly bear for a week straight in the Alaskan wilderness is recovering from his injuries after he was found stranded at an encampment, the US Coast Guard said.

An aircrew first spotted an “SOS” sign on top of a shack during a routine helicopter flight over the west Alaskan coast last Friday, according to a Coast Guard statement. It wasn’t until the aircraft flew back to inspect the message that it noticed a man waving two hands in the air.

The gesture “is considered an international distress signal,” the statement said.

“The aircrew landed and made contact with the individual, who requested medical care after being attacked by a bear a few days earlier,” the Coast Guard said.

The bear attack victim suffered from a leg injury and bruising on his torso. He told authorities he was stalked by the bear, which he said returned to his camp site every night for a week.

The Coast Guard transported the victim to the nearby town of Nome, where he was treated for his injuries.

The man had been reported missing by his friends after he did not come back to Nome.

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