Manchester United drew with Southampton in the English Premier League

London: Manchester United drew 1-1 against their host Southampton in the match that brought them together today, Sunday, in the second round of the English Premier League, which also saw Tottenham win 1-0 over Wolverhampton. the 30th minute with a shot by Che. Adams hit Manchester United defender Fred’s foot, and Manchester United equalized with Mason Greenwood in the 55th minute. Manchester United increased their score to four points, beating Leeds United in the first round 5/1, while Southampton scored their first point in this season, losing In the first round against Everton 1/3, the Southampton team started the first half with intense offensive pressure on Manchester United’s goal in search of an opening goal, which forced Manchester United players to retire to midfield in the first minutes of the match but failed to form any danger. After the first five minutes of the match, Manchester United entered the match atmosphere and swapped control with Southampton, and their attack attempts continued. Manchester United missed the opportunity to score in the seventh minute. when a free kick has been played from the right side in area penalty to be met by Paul Pogba with a header, but his ball hit the crossbar. She rebounded to be met by Anthony Martial with a header, but Kurt collided with Southampton defender Muhammed Salisu before leading her out of the goal line. After that attack, the game was confined to the center of the pitch and the danger of two goals disappeared altogether until 30 minutes, when Southampton scored the lead when Che Adams hit a powerful ball from the edge of the field.area of rigor. to hit the foot of Fred, the Manchester United player, before the ball touched the net. Manchester have stepped up their United attacking attempts in an attempt to score the equalizer before the end of this half, on the other hand, the Southampton retired to midfield and relied on counter-attacks in an effort to score a second goal to ensure his progress. However, the two teams failed to put in danger the door of the other, so much so that the remaining minutes of the first half passed without a new one taking over, before the referee whistled the last word with Southampton in advantage with a clean goal. spaces and throwing counterattacks whenever the opportunity presented itself.However, play in midfield went all the way to 55 minutes, which saw Manchester United score the equalizer as Paul Pogba penetrated the ball until he stepped into thearea Southampton penalty and passed it to Bruno Fernandes, who passed it to Pogba once Another to pass it to Mason Greenwood, who threw it in brings. Manchester United stepped up their attacking attempts in a bid to score the second goal, and Paul Pogba and Bruno Fernandes lost two dangerous chances to score due to the brilliance of Southampton goalkeeper Alex McCarthy.De Gea dealt brilliantly. The occasion gave Southampton players confidence, who traded bouts with Manchester United but both failed to put in danger the opponent’s goal, limiting the game in midfield until the referee blew his whistle at the end of the match, with a 1- 1 draw between the two teams zero. Tottenham owes this victory to Dele Alli, who scored the only goal of the game in the tenth minute from a penalty.1 in the first round. (Dpa)

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