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Manchester United lose in home versus Wolverhampton

Manchester United kicked off the new year 2022 with a humiliating defeat to host Wolverhampton on Monday night in the match that brought them together in the 21st round of the English Premier League.

Wolverhampton owes the “Wolves” thanks for his victory to veteran Portuguese player Joao Moutinho, who scored his only winning goal in the 82nd minute of the match, which took place at “Old Trafford”.

Manchester United, led by their new German manager, 63-year-old Ralf Rangnick, suffered their first defeat in home to Wolverhampton since 1980, and the first since 2004 at the “Wolves” stadium with a single goal.

Manchester United’s balance has stopped at 31 points in 19 games, and remained in seventh place in the “Premier League” rankings.

Although Wolverhampton raised their score to 28 points in 19 games, came in eighth place in classification.

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