Mane reveals .. Why did you prefer Bayern Munich to everyone?

London – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: Senegalese champion Sadio Mane flirted with Bayern Munich and their fans, with moving messages, in his first media appearance, after the arrival in German land, to finalize its transfer contract with the Bavarian giant, in preparing to announce his separation from Liverpool, having spent nearly six seasons under the guidance of German manager Jürgen Klopp at Anfield Castle. And when the Teranga Lion was asked why he chose the leader of German football, he replied in an interview with the well-known newspaper “Bild” in Germany: “I just saw myself here, Bayern Munich is the most suitable option for me, we are talking about one of the club biggest in the world. “And this is a team that competes very hard for every tournament, so I think I made the right decision to come here.” He added: “I have received some offers and requests from others club, but I never hesitated to accept Bayern Munich’s offer and I felt that Bayern Munich were the right team when they presented the plan for the new project. “Champions final? I think it is too early to talk about the final of the champions, but what I know now is that they are with a competitive team that wants to win champions every season, and of course we will do our best for that. ” In another context, he reserved in answer to a question about his confrontation with Polish forward Robert Lewandowski, and the extent of his success in compensating for the farewell of the team’s top scorer, if the deal to go to Barcelona had been concluded quest’summer, saying only: “In fact, I don’t care about the things that don’t concern me, and I don’t focus on those things.” I came for Bayern Munich, as I said. I will do my best to help my teammates win trophies over the next few years ”. Most sources confirm that Liverpool will earn a total of 35 million pounds for the blessing of the 30-year-old who went to the “Allianz Arena”, almost the same amount as the club paid to buy his contract from Southampton in 2016, before gaining the experience and personality that he now appears, as one of the best players in the world are in his position as a left forward and sometimes a false forward, and also an important partner in six tournaments that were achieved in the Klopp era, thanks to his 120 goals, which result from his participation in 269 games in various competitions.