Manila Bans Sending Domestic Workers to Kuwait Until Further Notice

The Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Rai reported that the Philippine government has instructed domestic worker agencies to suspend receiving any transactions from Kuwait until further notice in connection with the murder of domestic workers last month.

Diplomatic sources confirmed to the newspaper that “the suspension of the removal of workers applies to new workers who have not worked in Kuwait in the past, and does not apply to workers who have a valid residence permit in Kuwait and wish to return to work in their home country.” the same sponsor”, noting that “the suspension decision also does not apply to visas that were previously issued and work contracts that were ratified and actually issued there by the Ministry of Labor, as their holders will be allowed to come to Kuwait.”

While the Philippine Migrant Labor Department said the suspension decision remains in effect until “more measures are taken to protect workers.”

Migrant Affairs Minister Susan Oppel said she believes “unresolved issues can still be resolved through labor diplomacy.”

She touched on the upcoming talks with Kuwait, saying, “We are well prepared for these talks and we will bring with us the accumulated record of violations that have taken place over the years, hence the need for major changes”, noting at the same time that “many are working in Kuwait for years and have a positive experience.”

Remarkably, the decision, handed down after intense pressure from Philippine parliamentarians, is the second in five years, as was the first in 2018.

Source: “Al-Ray”