Mansour Abbas is not the first … In detail we reveal die History of the Alliances of the Brotherhood and Israel

It’s not the first shot and it won’t be the last in the die Brotherhood of the Arab minority in Israel, Mansour Abbas, along with a Jewish far right leader and his allies showed up shortly after they agreed to die To take leadership minister and granted him a ruling majority in parliament.

The snapshot revealed a proven fact that die Brotherhood is secretly and publicly allied with Israel, despite allegations of its leaders and media platforms of hostility to the Hebrew state, which it describes as die to describe Zionist unity die To stir the feelings of their supporters There are many facts, some of which have been proven and published, and some of which are still in secrecy, and die Business between the two sides did not cease.

Mansour Abbas is not the first … In detail we reveal die History of the Alliances of the Brotherhood and Israel

Organizational matters of the group

Mansour Abbas, the leader of the Brotherhood, has not made any contact with the Israelis themselves, die organizational concerns of the group do not permit individual decisions on serious and strategic matters without the consent of the international organization, which means that die Decision was issued by the leaders of the international organization in the British capital London for the branch of the organization in Israel. This is supported by the fact that Mansour was not the first, but the founder of the Islamic movement, Abdullah Nimr Darwish, who used to hold public meetings with the presidents of Israel and the Israeli heads of government openly and without ambiguity.

Originally was die Organization of the Muslim Brotherhood in Israel founded by Abdullah Nimr Darwish in 1948 in Kafr Qassem was born and graduated from Islamic School in 1971 in Nablus worked on die islamic movement in the Palestinian Territories with the idea of ​​establishing the Muslim Brotherhood Movement.

In 1972 Darwish founded the first nucleus of the brotherhood movement in Kafr Qassem, then it expanded and reached Kafr Barra, Jaljulia, Tira, Taybeh, Umm al-Fahm, Baqa al-Gharbiyye, Jat, the Negev, and Nazareth die Cities of Galilee.

Arrested in 1981 and sentenced to 4 years in prison, of which he spent 3 years, he was released in 1984. After his release from prison, he changed a lot and began to soften his criticism of Israel and expanded networks of charitable and medical associations and institutions.

Islamic movement

In 1996 split up die islamic movement, die the official name of the brotherhood in Israel was over, due to a dispute die Participation in the Israeli parliamentary elections in two branches: the southern branch, a small branch headed by Abdullah Nimr Darwish, with Ibrahim Sarsour and Hamid Abu Dabis, participated in the elections and became members of the Israeli parliament, including Abd al-Malik al-Dahamsheh and Abbas Mansour, this wing took over the so-called “civil resistance” to avoid a confrontation with Israel. participate in elections and in die Knesset to enter die Enforce rights of the Arab minority.

The other wing of the Brotherhood, which refused to take part in the elections, was designated the Northern Branch, led by Raed Salah and with him Kamal Al-Khatib, and they were frequently arrested until die Israeli authorities decided to ban this branch in 2015.

On the other hand, the southern branch of the Brotherhood, led by Abdullah Nimr Darwish, was running for in Alliances with Arab lists in the Knesset elections, and members resigned in die Knesset when Abdel Malik Dahamshe, a lawyer, was elected chairman of the United States Arab List and a representative of the Islamic movement in the Knesset.

Since 1996, there have been over and under the table many alliances and understandings between the southern branch of the Brotherhood and the Israeli authorities, and many meetings have been held between the leaders of the movement and Israeli politicians to seek understanding on agreements in the interests of the Brotherhood die Movement and its members under the pretext of being the Arab minority in Serving Israel while the agreements were about obtaining permits and licenses to build networks of schools and institutions, die Pursuing profit interests for the Brotherhood branch.

Break the Treaty of the Arab List

Jamal Abadi, director of the Department of Extremism and Terrorism Studies at the Palestine Institute for National Security Research, told Al-Arabiya.netthat what Mansour Abbas of the Brotherhood has done is not alien to him or his personality, as he is known for raising problems. and was one of the reasons for die Dissolution of the Common Arab List in previous elections; he was part of the list and contradicted the rest of the parties, and comments were made by him, die Provoked anger at him, including saying, consistent with the Israeli vision, that die Palestinian prisoners are saboteurs and terrorists.

He adds that Mansour is one of Abdullah Nimer Darwish’s students and is considered an extension of his school, a school die to die Politics of piety abandons in order to achieve pragmatic and utilitarian interests for his party and group, despite these politics die Raises division within Arab society in Israel, noting that die Statements of the man are unbalanced and die Expressing contradictions of a group: the brotherhood and its politics, die ultimately aims for the benefit of the group and its affiliated party, apart from any national or Arab interests.

He says Mansour’s justification for what he did through his alliance with the right is that he won a victory over Netanyahu and removed him from power despite knowing and understanding the system in Israel depends on a fixed policy die does not change with the change of people and stresses that what Mansour says is an attempt to beautify the image of the brotherhood after revealing what it happened that it is a group die plays on all ropes and immorally practices politics, in hoping to achieve the maximum profits for himself and his group.

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