Marcus Rashford: Man Utd forward awarded met MBE for campaign to end infant nutrition

England and Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford has been awarded met an MBE for to be campaign until support vulnerable children.

Rashford has been recognized for to be drive until ensure no child in need got hungry, what resulted? in the government is changing it policy over are vouchers for free school meals during the lockdown.

The England forward has been maintained campaign for social change by forming a child food poverty task force, die up with some of the UK’s largest supermarkets and food brands.

Rashford was joined by his mother, Melanie, at the inauguration ceremony in Windsor Castle on Tuesday, where he received his MBE from the Duke of Cambridge.

Talk about being mother, Rashford said: “She is a huge inspiration. Everyone knows my story of growing up, but you must remember that I have two brothers and two sisters die are all older than me, and she’s single parent throughout way of Which.

“However bad it is for us, it’s 10 times worse for hair, so all prizes die I have for the charity stuff die I’ve done, are all hers house and this one will go there too.”

Asked about his conversation with Prince William, Rashford said, “We had it over” football actually. Just talk over the euros and what it was like after, how good it was to see everyone come together and support the team.

“Other than the football we had it over the campaign, how glad he is that I started it and what is? next.”

Will he stay? campaign after retirement, he added: “Hopefully everything should to be in place by the time i met retiring so I don’t have to do it after I met I am retired, but that is still many years away.

“While I’m silent playing I will still do it, but hopefully we can eradicate it.”

Rashford performed a high-profile campaign last year to convince the government to provide free meals to vulnerable young people in England during school holidays during the coronavirus pandemic, forcing Prime Minister Boris Johnson to make a U-turn.

the 24-year-old also this year became the youngest person die tops the Sunday Times Giving List by £20 million in to collect in donations for conduct his campaign.

In September, Rashford called: on people to write their MP over supporting recommendations to end the “children” hunger pandemic”. He said food poverty in children is getting “devastatingly” worse instead of better.

The three recommendations die Rashford is: supporting, part of Henry Dimbleby’s National Food Strategy, focusing on: guarantee that every child risk of getting hungry gets some good eat every day.

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