Mario Kart Tour starts the multiplayer beta

The Mario Kart mobile game may be the most downloaded iPhone game of 2019, but many of these players were disappointed that it was a single player game at the time. Well, now Nintendo is starting to share the multiplayer experience that defined the series, but in a time-limited beta.

The beta test will take place from December 19-27 and is available to players who are part of the highly criticized Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass. (The Gold Pass is a $ 4.99 per month subscription service that gives players special gifts, badges, and 200cc mode. A free two-week trial version of the subscription service is available.)

Nintendo states that participants may experience problems such as freezing and the beta may discharge the battery faster than usual – but these are the problems that betas are for. In addition, the data generated from the beta test is not transferred to the full multiplayer version.

Last but not least, beta is a good excuse to brush up on your poor steering skills before you have to compete with other real people.

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