Market .. fire in the cold.

On the shock of Al Hilal’s announcement of the contract with Al-Ittihad right-back Saud Abdul Hamid, the spark of the Winter Market, which paved the way for a period of fiery transfers, was launched before being officially launched. On 8 December, Al Hilal officially announced the contract with Saud Abdul Hamid, as soon as the player finished his mission with the national team in Arab Cup in Doha, amid the shock of the Al-Ittihad fans, who were hoping to continue the player in yellow and black jersey, despite all the indications he referred to a planned departure, especially after Saud entered the free period of his contract, without making progress in the negotiations for the renewal. This shock paved the way for a fiery Winter Market, which officially began on January 2nd and will run until January 30th. A few days later, Al-Ittihad attracted his attention by announcing the signing of goal scorer Abdul Razzaq Hamdallah, just days after his former team Al-Nasr announced the termination of the player’s contract for legitimate reasons – as described in the declaration of victory. at the time. Everyone has been waiting for the official opening of the registration period, and with it the names of star of high caliber, whose news dominated the chronicles of the sports pages and the pioneers of social network. Mohamed Kno’s name has arrived in first line among the players who dominated the first days of the Market opening. At first glance, it looked like the player was playing the same chord Saud Abdul Hamid, who played with his ex before club, the Al-Ittihad, where Kno declined the first renewal offer from his club, Al-Hilal, at 7 million riyals per season, before returning and turning down a new 8 million offer. This coincided with almost certain news at all levels, that the administration of the win had finished it all with the player, especially when he entered the free period of his contract with Al Hilal. in Kno Deal. Al-Nasr was the common denominator in all the news of the big transfers in the early days of the current Winter Market, after the name Al-Nasr was associated with the goalkeeper of the national team and of the club Al-Ahly Muhammad Al-Owais, who also checked player transfer news. And the news came that everything was done, and the negotiations revolved around the return that Al-Ahly wanted to give up the remaining contract period of the player, in order to participate directly with Al-Nasr. It is reported that Al-Ahly has requested Sami Al-Naji and Ayman Yahya, but until now this agreement has also remained on the verge of speech through the social media. The open roof increased the excitement that accompanied the early days of the current Winter Market, the Football Association’s adoption of the open roof for local players, which affected the ability of the players. club, in particular of the masses, to retain their own stars, and financial conditions appeared that were not presented before, by the players, they proposed to renew their contracts, while the club with the financial capacity they were in able to enter into agreements and resolve them without lengthy negotiations. Financial efficiency The certificate of financial efficiency has poured more oil on the market in flames, after it has become a new challenge, which i club they must win by obtaining it, in order to enter the Winter Market, which has caused many to disperse club between paying her own finances obligations to obtain a certificate of proficiency. Finance, and providing money to conclude new business, allowing her to strengthen her ranks in the second round. The Al-Fateh Club owned the real deal, with no media or media hype social media, officially announcing the contract with former Brazilian player Al-Nassr Petros. Many considered the agreement a milestone for the Al-Fateh administration, given the player’s skills and long experience in the Saudi League. The club of Al-Taawoun announced the signing of Spanish player Alvaro Medran, to be one of the important winter deals. In addition, the Al Hilal Club announced the contract with Al-Nasr’s Abdul Rahman Al-Obeid, and it became one of the deals for the winter period. Meanwhile, the fans of Al-Ittihad are anxiously awaiting theirs club get the certificate of financial viability, until they see their new star, Abdul Razzaq Hamdallah, and according to the sources, the Federation will complete all the requirements to obtain the certificate of financial viability next week, and Hamdallah will be ready for the game of Al-Raed in the 17th round of the championship. .

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