Marry Me: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot and Everything We Know So Far

You meet someone, fall in love with them, and then you get married. Or that’s usually how things go. But in Marry Me, the famous Jennifer Lopez plays pop star Katalina/Kat Valdez, who decides to do things the other way around.

The story of Marry Me is about a famous singer named Kat Valdez who is about to get married to her on-stage partner Bastian (Maluma) in front of a huge crowd. But when she discovers that her groom is cheating on her, she has to save face in front of thousands of her fans. So, in a fit of spontaneity and a little madness, she picks a random man from the crowd, Charlie (Owen Wilson), and decides to marry him. What happens next is a journey of two strangers from very different backgrounds who find love in the strangest ways.

The romantic musical comedy-drama is based on a comic book by Bobby Crosby of the same name. The novel was first made into a webcomic, and then John Rogers, Tami Sagher, and Harper Dill turned it into a movie.

Kat Coiro is in charge of directing, producing, and writing the script for the romantic comedy with music. Marry Me is the fourth movie that she has handled. Coiro is best known for directing shows like Girls5Eva, Florida Girls, and the upcoming Marvel show She-Hulk. She has also directed many episodes of Marvel shows and movies. Coiro has also worked on popular TV shows like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Dead to Me, Modern Family, and Shameless.

Jennifer Lopez, Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, Benny Medina, and John Rogers helped make the movie Marry Me. The upcoming romantic comedy will also have original singles by Lopez and a soundtrack by Lopez and Maluma.

With a brand-new J.Lo album, Marry Me sounds like a fun movie. So, while you wait for the comedy-drama to hit theaters, here’s everything we know about it, including the cast and characters, the story, the release date, information about filming, and more.


  • Jennifer Lopez as Kat
  • Owen Wilson as Charlie
  • Maluma as Bastian
  • John Bradley as Colin
  • Sarah Silverman as Parker
  • Chloe Coleman as Lou
  • Michelle Buteau as Melissa
  • Diego Lucano as Jose

When Is Marry Me’s Release Date?

The original release date for Marry Me was February 12, 2021. But because of the restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the date of release was changed to May 14, 2021. But scheduling problems caused the release to be pushed back even more, and the show will start in 2022. Marry Me will finally come out on February 11, 2022, right around Valentine’s Day. On the same day, February 11, the movie will also be able to be streamed on Peacock.

Watch the Marry Me Trailer

The official trailer for Marry Me came out on November 18, 2021. Universal Pictures distributed the movie. In a clip of about three and a half minutes, Jennifer Lopez plays the famous pop singer Kat Valdez. She sings at a concert with Maluma. The video also shows the story’s most meaningful events. We see how Kat gets dumped in front of her fans and marries a simple math teacher named Charlie. The quick montages show Kat and Charlie’s awkward first meeting, how they slowly start to like each other, and how a public event turns into something more profound and more personal.

What Is Marry Me’s Plot?

Marry Me is mostly about love but also about celebrity life, marriage, and how social media affects all of these things. Marry Me also looks at the hidden feelings of stars and celebrities.

As we said above, Kat Valdez is a pop star, and she and her real-life boyfriend and co-singer, Bastian, are pretty much thought to be the sexiest celebrity couple in the world. The couple just put out a huge hit song called “Marry Me,” they’ve decided to get married at a live concert in front of a million people from all over the world and all of their fans.

As Kat waits on stage to say her vows, the news spreads quickly on social media that Bastian has been seeing another woman while he is dating Kat. Kat is embarrassed because she is a star, and her fans look up to her. She has a sort of meltdown. She makes a life-changing choice while crying and having doubts about love and loyalty. “The show must go on” for her, no matter what. Then she sees a man she doesn’t know in the crowd.

Charlie Gilbert, a math teacher at a high school, is in the crowd. His best friend, Parker, forced him to come. Parker leaves the scene for a short time and gives Charlie a sign that says “Marry Me.” Kat sees him in the crowd, and in the heat of the moment, she says yes to marrying a complete stranger.

What starts out as a quick choice turns into something unexpected and hard. On the one hand, Charlie lives a simple middle-class life with his daughter and a friend, neither of whom knows anything about how celebrities live. He actually doesn’t even like Kat Valdez. On the other hand, Kat is a music star known worldwide and whose every move is tracked by social media. Even though Kat and Charlie have very different personalities, ways of life, and goals, they agree to make this work.

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