Martha Stewart says Antoni Porowski made the biggest social media misstep

According to Martha Stewart, Antoni Porowski made a big mistake on social networks. Antoni, the food expert at Queer Eye, is said to have angered Martha Stewart last Tuesday when he did not tag her in the photo with his dogs and another with his horse.

Porowski, 35, captioned a photo that said “with my click at the Christmas party”, and captioned another that said, “Socialize at the Christmas party”. In response, Martha took into account her account on her social media faux pas.

Porowski later posted the photos again, but also apologized to her in her Instagram story. It is not the first time that Martha Stewart has made the headlines again this year.

In a public appearance last month, Martha Stewart mocked Felicity Huffman after being imprisoned in the university admissions scandal. Paparazzi took a picture of Felicity Huffman in her prison jumpsuit after she was sentenced to two weeks in the big house.

Martha Stewart laughed at the star’s outfit and said she “looked a little foul”. What made Martha’s comment particularly salient was the fact that she had also been imprisoned once in the past. The star was convicted of insider trading and was later sent to jail.

She has also written a book on this subject. Martha is often mentioned in conjunction with her prison term. In fact, earlier this year, during Tekashi 6ix9ine’s testimony in which he helped federal prosecutors convict two of his former associates, online fans began to compare Martha to Tekashi.

On Twitter, social media users joked that Martha Stewart, ironically, had more credibility or “street cred” than Tekashi 6ix9ine, who worked with the police to put his former associates behind bars.


As previously reported, Martha Stewart was sent to prison following her conviction in March 2004 for the crime of conspiracy, obstructing agency proceedings and lying to the federal authorities. Martha served a five-month prison sentence in a federal correctional facility.

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