Marvel Announces New Ultimate Universe with Hickman and Hitch: What You Need to Know

Marvel Announces Launch of New Ultimate Universe

Marvel announces that it will be launching a brand-new Ultimate Universe, spinning out of the upcoming Ultimate Invasion miniseries by Jonathan Hickman and Bryan Hitch. The new universe will begin in November’s Ultimate Universe #1, a one-shot by Hickman and artist Stefano Caselli, with a cover by Bryan Hitch.

What is the Ultimate Universe?

Bryan Hitch cover for Ultimate Universe #1

Launched with Ultimate Spider-Man #1 in 2000, the Ultimate Universe was a line of comic books that allowed creators to introduce brand-new versions of classic Marvel characters, without the decades of continuity that went along with them. A good deal of these revamped concepts, particularly the Ultimates (the Ultimate Universe version of the Avengers), were major influences for the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s approach to Marvel’s heroes.

The one-shot will then lead to a series of new comic book titles within the new Ultimate Universe, written and drawn by a number of Marvel’s most popular current creators, reusing the Ultimate Universe concept that had been defunct since Marvel’s Secret Wars crossover in 2015.

What do Jonathan Hickman and Bryan Hitch have to say about the new comic book line?

Hickman described the new project, “What made the Ultimate Universe originally really interesting was that it was a reflection of the world outside your window, in the moment that you were living in. What does it look like in the world we’re living in now? It’s kind of shocking how much the world has changed in that period of time. The idea of what it would be like to see the genesis of super heroes in a brand-new world is a really fascinating exercise.”

Bryan Hitch added, “You don’t ever have to have read any of the Ultimate Universe to enjoy this. There’s some great comics in there, but this doesn’t need you to be familiar with that stuff. You just need to get in on page one and enjoy this because the story takes you where you need to go.”

Source: Marvel

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