Marvel Announces Special Virgin Variant Cover for Wolverine #37 by Greg Capullo

Marvel Announces Special Variant Cover for Wolverine #37 by Greg Capullo


Marvel has recently announced that retailers will be receiving a special virgin variant cover for Wolverine #37 by Greg Capullo. This is an exciting development for fans of the character and Capullo’s return to Marvel.

Celebrating Greg capullo’s Return to Marvel

The surprise cover celebrates Greg Capullo’s return to Marvel, which was announced earlier this year at San Diego Comic-Con. As a token of appreciation, all retailers will receive a complimentary copy of the virgin variant cover.

A Stunning Cover

The special variant cover features Wolverine leaping towards the reader with blood-stained claws and a fierce expression, perfectly capturing the intensity of the character. This is just one of the many covers that Capullo has in store for fans, as Marvel has recently unveiled Capullo variants for upcoming Moon Knight comics.

Additional Notable Works by Greg Capullo

In addition to his work on Wolverine and Moon Knight, Capullo has made significant contributions to the comic book industry. Some of his notable works include Quasar, X-Force, as well as DC Comics’ Batman and Dark Knights: Metal.


Written by Benjamin Percy

Art by Juan José Ryp

Variant Cover by Greg Capullo

Surprise Virgin Variant Cover by Greg Capullo

On Sale 9/20

Hulk and Wolverine Are Together Again

The 2020 Wolverine series, written by Benjamin Percy, follows the character of James Howlett/Logan as he enjoys everything he has ever wanted, only to realize that it means he has so much more to lose. In Wolverine #37, Hulk and Wolverine are back together in the first part of the “Last Mutant Standing” storyline. Readers will discover whether the two will meet as friends or foes as Wolverine embarks on a mission to hunt down his remaining clones from Beast’s Weapons of X. Future issues in the “Last Mutant Standing” arc will feature Wolverine teaming up with other famous Marvel characters, including Captain America and Black Panther.

A Perfect Entry Point for New Fans

Wolverine #37 serves as a great jumping-on point for new fans of the character. Wolverine’s involvement in the Fall of X event has garnered significant attention, and this issue continues to raise the stakes. The Fall of X is Marvel’s latest relaunch of the X-Men comic books, with ongoing series such as X-Men, Immortal X-Men, Ghost Rider, X-Men: Red, Invincible Iron Man, X-Force, and Wolverine. The overarching story revolves around mutantkind facing tragedy and betrayal, forcing them to leave the safety of Krakoa and enter one of the darkest periods in X-Men history. The mutants also face threats from Orchis, an evil organization that attacked Krakoa during the Hellfire Gala and seeks to eliminate those who survived.

Wolverine #37 by Marvel Comics is now available for purchase.

Source: Marvel

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