Marvel Announces Upcoming ‘Marvel Zombies: Black, White and Blood’ Miniseries for Halloween Season

Marvel Zombies: Black, White and Blood

What is Marvel’s Black, White and Blood series of books?

Following in the footsteps of its previous popular Black, White and Blood anthology series, Marvel has announced an upcoming Marvel Zombies: Black, White and Blood four-issue miniseries will be launching this October, less than a week before Halloween. This will be the first new Marvel Zombies project since 2021’s Marvel Zombies: Resurrection miniseries.

In a press release, Marvel hyped the series, noting, “Just in time for Halloween season, MARVEL ZOMBIES: BLACK, WHITE & BLOOD will satisfy fan’s cravings for terror with shocking tales from a host of all-star writers and artists! This action-packed, utterly original, gloriously gory anthology series is set in a universe where the Avengers, the X-Men, Spider-Man, and many more Marvel heroes and villains are beset by ever-growing zombie hordes and transformed into flesh-eating monstrosities. In a brutal, bloodstained world, can hope survive? Or will creeping, gnawing, shambling horror win out at last…?”

Gabrielle Dell'Otto's cover for Marvel Zombies: Black, White and Red #1

Marvel’s Black, White and Blood series of comics are anthologies that are done entirely in monotone, except for the addition of red. It’s a nice twist on the Batman: Black and White miniseries that became popular in the 1990s. Dark Horse was the first company to add in red to the approach with the award-winning Grendel: Red, White, & Black in 1999.

Marvel launched its version of this series with Wolverine: Black, White and Blood in late 2020, and has since followed that series two new miniseries in that format a year, with Carnage: Black, White and Blood and Deadpool: Black, White and Blood in 2021, Elektra: Black, White and Blood and Moon Knight: Black, White and Blood in 2022, and Darth Vader: Black, White and Blood earlier this year.

What creators are involved in the first issue of this new Marvel Zombies series?

For the first issue, there will be three stories. The first of the three is by Garth Ennis and Rachael Stott, who explore how Zombie Matt Murdock deals with all of the sins that he has comitted as a zombie over the years. This Ennis’ first work with a Marvel superhero in a number of years, albeit, of course, a zombie version of said superhero.

Award-winning novelist Alex Segura, whose recent mystery set in the world of comic book publishing in the 1970s, Secret Identity, has been one of the most acclaimed mystery novels of the past year, is joined by artist Javi Fernández in a spotlight on Spider-Man having to deal with all of his loved ones becoming zombies.

Finally, up-and-coming writer, Ashley Allen, makes her Marvel Comics debut in a Moon Knight story with artist Justin Mason that explores how Khonshu deals with protecting his Avatar on Earth when Earth becomes overridden with

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