Marvel has revealed the final form of Moon Knight and a terrifying new power

ATTENTION: the following contains important spoilers for Knight of the Moon # 2, available now from Marvel.

Marc Spector’s return as Moon Knight has arrived off the heels of one of its most life-changing sagas, and repercussions of turning her back on his patron god were shocking. However, the hunter’s moon, remains loyal to Khonshu, and took a somewhat contradictory position against Marco. First up on the hunter’s moon list of prove is to put Moon Knight up against an army of unaware and innocent fighters from way of another super-powerful threat. Unfortunately for his opponents, Marc Spector is more powerful from anyone expected, and Knight of the Moon # 2 – by Jed McKay, Alessandro Cappuccio, Rachelle Rosenberg and Cory Petit from VC – shows what he is capable of of it could be more terrifying than any enemy I’ve ever had faced.

Marc’s most recent feat, the Midnight Mission, turned out to be one of them prime success attracting locals in need ask for everything help Moon Knight can deliver. As much as the hero is concerned, is his divine duty to protect the people under his purview, and this includes investigating the string of attacks of elder citizens who I’m left with No knowledge of their actions after the fact. When a man comes in beaten and bloodied by a crowd from his own apartment building, It does not take much for Moon Knight to refine in on the building’s janitor as the culprit. After offering to take on Hawley, the bad guy maintenance worker, Moon Knight gets a chance to demonstrate just how powerful it really is.

Marc is certain that his dissociative identity disorder will not be a issue for Hawley to maneuver, considering the man’s previous boasting how has a lot of fun using his powers, but Moon Knight’s mind is still unique. Over the years Moon Knight has seen his mind torn apart and redone on more from one occasion, with even Khonshu having left his sign on it. This is something that in previously became a point of conversation between Marc and his therapist, but the hero now proves himself in able to arm his mind in terrifying way effect.

Presenting himself as an imposing god, Moon Knight chooses up the helpless Hawley before explaining how the scars he had left with they are his best weapon. this type of epic mental combat it is not something that necessarily is new to the character, as Moon Knight has shown that she has enough willpower to resist telepathy and exercise control over its mental and astral forms.

Still, the way that Marc wraps Hawley up in bandages before leaving it well stored in a sarcophagus in his mind has never been seen before by this character. To top it all off off, the fact that Hawley now appears to be a fixture in Moon Knight’s psyche could be a time bomb on own. Marc suffered from his dissociative identity disorder in horrible ways in the past, thus keeping a maniac like Hawley next for his other personalities he could be a recipe for disaster.

There is also the possibility that this could provide Moon Knight with the opportunity to understand or even tap into Hawley’s abilities for himself, not unlike the evil Sylar of the Heroes television show, who consumed the brain of its victims in to steal their powers for himself. If so in fact the case, then there would be next nothing prevents Marc Spector from becoming the most formidable force in the Marvel Universe.

Marc Spector has never been described as a cold-blooded killer in bottom, and he doesn’t seem to have done anything fatal to Hawley. Regardless, Spector has just debuted in new skill which has the potential for shape Moon Knight in one of the greatest heroes in the Marvel universe . or its greatest threat.

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