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Marvel Leaves Fans in Shock: A Prominent MCU Actor Has Bid Farewell

Ray Stevenson: A talented actor of pop-culture

Ray Stevenson, a famous face of pop-culture

It is with sadness that the site of us learned that Ray Stevenson has died aged 58. At present, none cause of death has not been disclosed. On Sunday, the Italian site was the first to report this disappearance since the actor was first transported to the hospital on the island of Ischia where he was in the context of the production of the film Cassino on Ischia. While the actor’s name may not mean anything to you at first glance, if you’ve been following the MCU and recent Star Wars content diligently over the past few years, you’ve surely already seen son face. In the Thor film trilogy, he plays the character of Volstagg, one of the companions of the God of Thunder which is part of whaton calls the Warriors Three. In addition to Lady Sif, who is a bit of a leader, the group is made up of Fandral, Hogun and finally Volstagg. Inseparable, all these characters are unfortunately beaten by Hela, Thor’s sister, during the events of Thor: Ragnarok, which explains their absence in Thor: Love and Thunder.

A career far beyond Disney

In the past, the actor also had in a Marvel film but which was not part of the MCU then, namely Punisher: War Zone. But in the Star Wars Expanded Universe, Ray Stevenson played an important role. In the Star Wars Rebels and Clone Wars animated series, he played Gar Saxon who is the commander of the super mandalorian commandos working for the Shadow Collective during the Clone Wars. A central figure car he was even Viceroy of Mandalore. However, the actor also played another character in the Star Wars universe, this time in live-stock. It is a certain Baylan Skoll, a human sensitive to the forcewho takes on Ahsoka in the miniseries of the same name slated for this summer.

Outside of Disney productions, the actor was known to pop-culture fans for his roles in other blockbusters. At the movie theater, on think of the films Divergent or GI Joe, while in series, on already saw it in Dexter and Vikings. Just recently, on remembers that he had a role in the Indian film RRR which won the Oscar for best original song.


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