Marvel Snap Rewarding Collector’s Caches with Bugs but Nothing Inside

The creator of Marvel Snap, Second Dinner, confirms that its most recent update caused rewards from Collector’s Caches to stop working for some players.

Marvel Snap

The most recent update to Marvel Snap rewards empty boxes and Collector’s Caches. With the addition of the Token system, the latest Marvel Snap update made some significant changes to how players unlock cards. The Collection Level caches were modified as part of this update, with Boosters replaced with Tokens. The Marvel Snap update rollout did not go as well as Second Dinner had hoped.

The long-awaited Marvel Snap Token system will let players select which cards they want to buy. Players can buy cards from a new store using a currency called Tokens. Players must open caches or reserves as usual to earn Tokens. Players were unhappy with Boosters, so Tokens have taken their place in these caches. Marvel Snap’s new Series 4 and Series 5 cards have a very low chance of dropping in caches, which is another change. The rewards have changed significantly overall.

Whatever Second Dinner changed about caches has resulted in a regrettable glitch. When a player raises their Collection Level and unlocks a cache or reserve, some other players claim that they get nothing in return when they open it. Others assert that they have received Boosters, which are no longer permitted as a reward. The issue is affecting a small percentage of Marvel Snap users. Still, it is a frustrating and unacceptable problem for those experiencing it.

Second Dinner, the company that created Marvel Snap, is aware of the issue and is looking into it. Ben Brode, Second Dinner’s chief development officer, has acknowledged on social media that the company is aware of the cache problem and working on a fix. The most recent information from Brode is that a fix has yet to be discovered. Still, Second Dinner will provide updates as soon as they become available.

The fact that Marvel Snap’s cache rewards play a crucial role in the game’s progression makes the issue particularly egregious and more serious than it may appear. It involves more than just fixing the problem and giving out some Credits as compensation. This issue has impacted players’ capacity to increase their Collection Level, enhance their cards, acquire new cards, and compete. The issue gets worse the longer it continues.

Marvel Snap

The issue will soon be resolved, and Second Dinner will provide more details on how those affected by the bug will receive compensation. Unfortunately, there is such an unacceptable issue with what is one of Marvel Snap’s biggest and best updates, but that is sometimes how game development goes.

Marvel Snap is available now on PC and mobile devices.