Marvel Unveils Upcoming X-Men Series in Celebration of Pride Month 2023

Marvel is set to launch a new X-Men series later in 2023 featuring Gimmick/Carmen Cruz, a new character created by Vita Ayala and Bernard Chang. The character first appeared in 2020’s Marvel’s Voices #1 and made a full debut in 2021’s Children of the Atom #1. Gimmick/Carmen Cruz will star in a new series written by Steve Foxe and illustrated by Rosi Kampe. The announcement was made as part of Marvel’s Voices: Pride #1, a one-shot comic that will also feature stories on Nightshade, Black Cat/Felicia Hardy, Wiccan, Hulking and a new symbiote character. The one-shot will be released on June 14, 2023, ahead of Pride Month celebrations. Alongside the one-shot, Marvel is set to release a new Loki series, as well as a number of Pride Month variant covers featuring Marvel and Star Wars characters.

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