Marvel’s Jeff the Land Shark Returns in It’s Jeff #25: Release Date, Adventures, and More!

Jeff the Land Shark Returns for More Adventures in It’s Jeff #25

Marvel's Jeff the Land Shark

Marvel’s Jeff the Land Shark is back for more adventures in Infinity Comic’s It’s Jeff #25, which drops on October 20.

Marvel’s Jeff the Land Shark

Get ready to dive into the exciting world of Jeff the Land Shark! This lesser-known character in the Marvel Universe is making a splash in the digital realm. Jeff first appeared as Gwenpool’s pet and has since become a beloved character in the Infinity Comics on the Marvel Unlimited app.

Marvel has announced the return of Jeff the Land Shark in It’s Jeff Season 3 on Marvel Unlimited. The new season, starting with It’s Jeff #25, will bring us more hilarious and heartwarming adventures featuring Jeff. Creator Kelly Thompson and artist Gurihiru are back to weave another exciting tale, with Jeff crossing paths with Kate Bishop/Hawkeye.

  • Written by KELLY THOMPSON
  • Art and Color by GURIHIRU

Jeff the Land Shark and the Infinity Paws Crossover

But that’s not all! Jeff will also be part of the upcoming Infinity Paws crossover event. Marvel’s beloved pets, including Carol Danvers’ feline companion Chewie, Alligator Loki, and Lucky the Pizza Dog, will have their own comics in Infinity Paws. This exciting crossover will be written by Jason Loo (creator of Lucky The Pizza Dog

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