Marvel’s Miss Minutes teases fans by sending a “note” to Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds, who is in Deadpool 3, has talked to Miss Minutes on Twitter.

For those who don’t remember, Miss Minutes was the Time Variance Authority’s cute but scary little mascot. The TVA was shown for the first time in Loki’s first season, one of the first MCU shows on Disney+.

The mysterious power was in charge of time itself. In the name of He Who Remains, it protected the late Sacred Timeline (or the faux Time Keepers to them).

It was recently said that Owen Wilson’s character Mobius would show up in the upcoming Deadpool 3. In addition, he would have “a big role.”

Now, a new Tweet from Wade Wilson has brought that rumor back to people’s minds.

Miss Minutes talks with Deadpool.


Ryan Reynolds, who is in Deadpool 3, and an unofficial Miss Minutes account have had an interesting conversation on Twitter.

The fan account sent a tweet to the actor who plays Deadpool, saying, “Hey, Deadpool… Love, Miss Minutes…”

Reynolds just said, “Hello, Miss Minutes,” in response.

Even though this doesn’t prove anything, it’s still a strange thing to happen. The actor would have known how people would react to his Tweet, so this could be a sign that the recent rumors about Owen Wilson being in Deadpool 3 and, by extension, the TVA are true.

How Will Deadpool Enter the Multiverse?

Fans are very excited about the idea of the TVA in Deadpool 3.

It would be a great way to get Deadpool himself into the main MCU, and it would also give the writers a lot of freedom with the Multiverse.

It also gives them a way to bring Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine into the story without messing with Logan, as they had promised.

In Miss Minutes, she was a fan-favorite part of Loki that didn’t have much screen time. People will be thrilled if she gets to go to Ryan Reynolds’ party with Owen Wilson.

But how does Wade Wilson even have anything to do with the Multiverse? Well, maybe his universe, the Fox X-Men one, starts to go through an Incursion. In the comics, an Incursion is an event that destroys reality and signals the end of everything, which is where Secret Wars comes from.

He could just be picked up by the TVA and put through the same process as Tom Hiddleston’s character.

It’s the perfect way to tie in Deadpool, the end of the Fox Universe, and make the movie feel essential to the MCU before Avengers: The Kang Dynasty comes out six months after Ryan Reynolds’ third movie.

If the Merc with a Mouth can break the fourth wall, he might even be able to bring Miss Minutes with him.

The current plan is for Deadpool 3 to appear in theatres on November 8.