Marvel’s New Comics: Captain America’s Werewolf Form Returns in CapWolf and the Howling Commandos #1

Captain America’s Werewolf Form Returns for Halloween Season

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Get ready for some spine-tingling excitement this Halloween season as Marvel Comics reintroduces Captain America’s werewolf alter ego in their latest comics. The popular character, known as CapWolf, makes a howling comeback in the highly anticipated debut issue of CapWolf and the Howling Commandos #1.

In this limited series, the story takes us back to the 90s, where Captain America had been infected with lycanthropy during a war. Now, CapWolf joins forces with the Howling Commandos to battle a group of supernatural Nazis. Marvel has called this new story the “wildest adventure yet” for the Commandos, and the first issue does not disappoint.

Issue Details

  • Title: CapWolf and the Howling Commandos #1
  • Written by: Stephanie Phillips
  • Art by: Carlos Magno
  • Colorist: Espen Grundetjern
  • Letterer: Travis Lanham
  • Cover: Ryan Brown
  • Variant Cover Artists: Gary Frank, Brad Anderson, Jack Kirby, KJ Diaz, and Declan Shalvey

If you’re a fan of other Marvel characters, there’s more chilling excitement to discover. Moon Knight: City of the Dead #4 continues its eerie storyline, while Venom #26, Wolverine #38, X-Men Red #16, Avengers #6, Blade #4, The Superior Spider-Man Returns #1, Guardians of the Galaxy #7, Magneto #3, Captain Marvel: Assault on Eden #1, Silver Surfer Rebirth: Legacy #2, and Amazing Spider-Man #35 offer a variety of thrilling tales featuring beloved Marvel heroes.

Step into the supernatural world of superheroes this Halloween season and prepare for an unforgettable adventure with Captain America’s werewolf incarnation and other thrilling characters from the Marvel universe!

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