Marvel’s new X-Men comics are full of life, death and wild twists

The first edition of Marvel’s new X-Force series was a comprehensive test of the paradigm set by the House of X / Powers of X event this summer. A human strike team has broken into Kraoka, the corner of the earth where mutants have been hiding. Before the nation’s defense could stop them, the genetically engineered soldiers executed dozens of mutants, including Professor Xavier, and Cerebro. The young mutant nation had to collect the pieces – and react.

But in the new status quo of the X-Men, the question was not “What will happen without Professor Xavier?”, Which has been asked frequently for decades. It said, “Can we resurrect him and everyone else quickly enough to avoid deteriorating morale or appearing weak?” It read: “How do we improve Krakoa’s defenses?” And it said: “How do we react publicly on a political level?” And in secret with our own newly formed mutant CIA, the X-Force? ”

X-Force has always been the X-Men team dedicated to covert operations, and now they’re officially the spy wing of a sovereign nation.

What else happens on the pages of our favorite comics? We will tell you. Welcome to Polygon’s weekly list of books that our comic book editor has enjoyed over the past week. It is partly about the sides of the society of superhero life, partly about reading recommendations, partly about “look at this cool art”. There may be some spoilers. There may not be enough context. Let’s get started!

X-Force # 3

Benjamin Percy, Joshua Cassara / Marvel-Comics

Charles Xavier, who did his best for the international press “I bet you thought you were the last to see me, bitch”.

Brian Michael Bendis, Ivan Reis / DC Comics

This week Superman has voluntarily revealed to the world that he is Clark Kent and has also been the victim of a brutal murder in the scene where Jimmy Olsen pretended that Lois Lane had not already communicated the news to him.

downfall Patrol: Weight of the Worlds # 6

Gerard Way, Jeremy Lambert and Omar Francia / DC Comics

Doom Patrol has restarted and I just … I have no words. “His name is Wild Ass.” I love this comic.

Harley Quinn’s villain of the year # 1

Mark Russell and Mike Norton / DC Comics

Harley Quinn’s Villain of the Year # 1 is the first year of the villain I really fell in love with. Of course, it’s a parody of Harley hosting the Villain Awards, which include an In Memoriam segment, although some of the Villains featured have already returned from the dead. It is an extremely satisfying read.

The Batmanis dig # 3

Warren Ellis, Bryan Hitch / DC Comics

I said it on Twitter, but Warren Ellis sets a new gold standard for Alfred jokes in his Batman book.

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy # 4

Jody Houser, Adriana Melo / DC Comics

Two bad guys! On a road trip! On the run from bigger bad guys! And they are friends! This book is still just a pleasure.

Friendly neighborhood Spider Man # 14

Tom Taylor, Ken Lashley / Marvel Comics

I am disappointed that this is the last issue of Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. The series was a wonderful, warm place for homely Spider-Man stories, but still had plenty of room for action and crazy science – like the one in which Spider-Man prevents a teenage hacker from recharging New York’s electricity grid by just is a real person and then puts him in touch with some of his smart tech superhero friends so that he has a more productive way of doing these kinds of things. Grab it in stores.

New mutants # 3

Ed Brisson, Flaviano / Marvel Comics

My son BEAK is back.

Another sector # 2

N. K. Jemisin, Jamal Campbell / DC Comics

The second edition of Far Sector, DC’s new title for Green Lantern, is even better than the first, now that Jemisin and Campbell have room to go further with the story without having to do so much expository effort. (And yes, this alien species has thumbs on both sides of the hand, it is not drawn incorrectly.)

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