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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Reveals Release Date and Shocking Twist: Who is Venom’s Host?

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is a hit double and reveals its release date!

Compensating for its Absence

In order to compensate for his very long absence from the media, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has decided, at the end of spring, to work twice as hard from a marketing point of view. Last May, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 had the opportunity to be THE ” one more thing » from the Sony conferencethe famous PlayStation Showcase, and share with us (finally!) a little bit of gameplay where theon glimpsed, on the one hand, Peter’s devastating powers (enhanced by the Symbiote’s abilities) and, on the other hand, Miles’ stealth and increased potential as a sidekick to the other Spider-Man of New York City! With so much information at hand — and a somewhat complementary interview —, we didn’t expect to see Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 again anytime soon. How can we tell you that we were seriously mistaken?

Release Date Announced

To everyone’s surprise, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 was indeed present during the Summer Game Fest evening! No mini-teaser or trailer, but the appearance of Bryan Intihar, creative director of this Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, who walked the boards of the YouTube Theater in Los Angeles with some small information under the arm. The most important being, of course, the release date of this new adventure for Peter and Miles set at October 20, 2023 and exclusively on PS5. In addition to this data, Bryan Intihar shared two concept arts in which on could see Kraven on one side and Venom on the other. Forget the movies you may have seen, Insomniac Games has a big surprise!

Venom Character

When it comes to reworking the comics of the Maison des Idées, everyone creates a little son universe in its own way. In addition to the work of Insomniac Games, one has, of course, the Marvel Cinematic Universe and his films super-heroes as well as Sony Pictures which took an interest in the character of Venom by offering the possibility to Tom Hardy to embody… Eddie Brock. For us, Venom is inseparable from this character… but not for Insomniac Games which, as Bryan Intihar explained to us, has the ambition to create an original story. As a result, the presence of Eddie Brock may have been highlighted in the universe imagined by the PlayStation Studios teams, we have not yet encountered him in the flesh. Yesterday, by spreading the concept art, the creative director explained that this Venom… just wasn’t Eddie Brock!

Theories of Fans

In the room of the YouTube Theater or in front of their screen, the spectators were suddenly surprised by this revelation. It was enough for everyone to start whispering their most convincing theory as to the identity of Venom’s host. In the list of potential candidates, there is a name which, on imagine it, has crossed the minds of more than one Marvel’s Spider-Man player: Harry Osborn. Insomniac Games had explained it well to us: this sequel, although still as warm in its themes, will be no less dark. What if Peter was forced to fight son best friend, even if it means living yet another tragedy? For those who have completed the first game: one remembers one of the last sequences where theon could see a very weakened Harry Osborne in a greenish box face to which son father, potential Green Goblin of this sequel, swore to find a cure. We are eagerly awaiting responses!


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