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“Masam” removes 360,000 mines placed by coup leaders in Yemen

The demining project “Masam” announced to be in capable of extracting 360,573 mines, explosive devices and various bullets in the Yemeni territories, according to the latest statistics from the beginning of October.

The project aims to clean up Yemeni lands of mine dangers, focusing on addressing direct threats to innocent lives due to exposure to the dangers arising from the spread of these mines, as well as the work it provides to develop Yemeni capabilities in the field of mines. mine clearance.

The mines have caused the deaths of thousands of Yemenis and the wounding of tens of thousands of serious injuries and amputations. On April 4, the office of the United Nations Development Program in Yemen revealed 1,800 civilians were killed or injured, including 689 women and children, due to mines and unexploded ordnance in several Yemen governorates for four years.

Reports from international and local organizations confirm that Yemen has witnessed the largest land mine operation since the end of World War II.

The Pores demining project continues its noble mission of freeing Yemen from danger to civilians of all sexes and ages and threatens the present and future of the country at all levels.

Four years after the launch of the Masam project in July 2018, the project has helped inject the blood of hundreds of thousands of Yemenis by removing more than 360,000 mines, explosive devices and unexploded ordnance. in a result that reveals the extent of the heinous crime committed by the Houthi militia against innocent people and, on the other hand, the relentless Saudi insistence on protecting civilians from these evils.

Masam began his humanitarian work in Yemen training and qualifying 32 team of engineers through international and Saudi experts, who have been provided with the latest technologies in the field of mine detection, as well as providing them with mechanisms, equipment and financial services and logistical support through a joint operations room.

Despite the absence of maps for the mining fields, considered a great challenge, i team of Masam continue their successes, which they put in front of world public opinion every week, between one operation and another

Clean up mines, explosive devices and unexploded ordnance, as well as detonate and destroy all mines, unexploded ordnance and explosive devices removed from the land.

More than 550 men who make up the teams in the field continue their daily work, armed with a deep conviction in the mission of the humanitarian project “Masam” to clean up the Yemeni lands from the mines of Houthi, recalling with pride the sacrifices of their 33 colleagues, including including five foreign experts, who sacrificed their lives for it.

Last May, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia extended the works on the “Masam” project with an estimated cost of $ 33.3 million to play one of Yemen’s noblest roles – clearing residential areas, schools and roads from mines. of Houthi, who await their victims no matter how long it takes.

Pore’s work is not limited to the removal of explosive devices of all kinds, but also works to destroy them to ensure that they are no longer used.

Osama Al-Gosaibi, general director of the “Masam” project, said the Iranian-backed Houthi group aims daily to expand the cycle of killing and destruction to include as many Yemenis as possible, including children, women and the elderly, and unfortunately no one is spared from these traps.

On the other hand, Masam tries to continually work to modernize its capabilities and develop its methods in the field of demining, despite the insistence of the coup militia to develop its methods to target as many civilians as possible.

Since the start of work on the “Masam” project in 2018, the Yemeni territory has witnessed new developments and obstacles and Houthi tricks in the way and shapes of mines, but the “Masam” project spares no effort to keep up with these changes. and overcoming all obstacles.

Different Yemeni directions have witnessed modern types of booby traps, new technologies, huge quantities and incredible numbers used by the coup militia in large areas.

Al-Gosaibi pointed out that the terrorist group Houthi has introduced the technology in the production of explosives and mines and new methods and mechanisms have emerged to detonate these booby traps from afar, and these are documented facts from the field, pointing out that what is happening in the field of mine cultivation it only increases to the level of war crimes.

The technical assessment of the “Masam” teams shows that explosives and booby traps are manufactured and installed inside Yemen, but the materials used for their manufacture are imported from outside Yemen and cannot be of local origin.

He stressed the existence of a clear condescension on the part of the media Westerners towards mine victims in Yemen, which is tantamount to ignoring even if the victims are innocent civilians.

The director general of the “Masam” project to clean up Yemeni lands of mines revealed that the Houthis have taken a brutal approach by placing explosives and booby traps. in schools, health centers and water tanks, in large quantities and with great professionalism.

He added that mine clearing from Yemen takes years due to the density of mines and the lack of maps for their cultivation, noting that “the Houthis are still planting thousands of mines in Yemen” up to now.

Osama Al-Gosaibi confirmed that estimates from the “Pores” project indicate that the coup leaders have placed more than one million mines and explosive devices in the areas they occupied.


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