Mase or model? Balenciaga has a surprise for all of you!

Fashion brands do everything they can to make you spend bread, Roomies. Some of their tactics are quite strange, but this one could take the cake. Mase is a household name in hip-hop, but it seemed rather random when fans found him standing in the store window of Balenciaga store,

What made it even more frightening was the fact that people couldn’t tell if it was actually Mase or a model!

Mase posted the video on his own Instagram page, which is the only way for the new Balenciaga to do a little too much.

“Balenciaga made me a floor dummy,” he captioned the video.

Either way, the model looks way too realistic! Some fans have even commented that it was a clone.

“I refuse to believe he is a model,” said one fan.

Another said, “My god, this is Murda Mase!”

We don’t know how much money Balenciaga had to spend on something like this, but it’s safe to say that they have incredible marketing tactics.

“It’s good, Ma $ e. He finally ran out of options when it came to rapping, “said one fan. “I don’t know if he wants to be a gangster or a pastor.”

What do you think, Roomies? Is it Mase or a model? Let us know in the comments!

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