Mask again… this is what advertisers will do if they boycott Twitter

After calls and a number of companies announced to suspend their ads, Elon Musk warned advertisers canceling purchases on Twitter that he would announce their names if they succumbed to activists’ demands and left the platform.

In the US billionaire’s tweets on Friday, Musk said Twitter suffered a “huge drop in revenue” after buying the platform “due to pressure from activist groups on advertisers” to stop buying ads.

Musk has confirmed that he will intervene soon in response to a user’s request to name advertisers who want to boycott and expose them, according to Fox Business.

Calls for a boycott

The tweet followed an open letter sent by a group of more than 40 organizations, including NAACP and GLAAD, asking Twitter’s 20 largest advertisers to stop funding the platform.

They claimed that Musk’s proposed changes would stifle their voices or allow the spread of hate, harassment or fake content.

The letter claims that the US billionaire’s controversial ownership of Twitter has allowed the platform to be inundated with hatred and disinformation.

Musk denies the allegations

Musk has repeatedly denied the allegations and defended his decision to withdraw from content moderation to promote freedom of expression.

He even went so far as to say that his intention to do so “hasn’t changed at all” in the face of the protests in course, writing on Twitter on Friday that “Twitter will not check accurate information on anything.”

Activists also said Musk’s proposal for a monthly subscription of $ 8 to verify that the user can open the door to the show or force the rates to reach the desired audience.

Several large companies had previously announced that they would suspend Twitter ads after the site’s acquisition social network from Musk.

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