Massacre in Amhara .. Tigray rebels kill 125 civilians

Rebels engaged by Tigray Province The massacre of early September, when they killed at least 125 civilians in a village in the Amhara region of northern Ethiopia, which has spread to the conflict in Tigray in recent months, doctors announced Wednesday.

“There were 125 dead in Shanna village, I personally saw the mass grave,” Mulugeta Melissa, director of the hospital in the nearby town of Dabat, told AFP, adding that the residents “were still looking for bodies nearby” and that “the census is still in course”.

fierce battles

Interestingly, northern Ethiopia has witnessed bitter fighting since November, when Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed sent the army to Tigray to sack dissident local authorities from the Tigray People’s Liberation Front. He said this surgery has come in response to attacks on federal camps orchestrated by the Front.

Although Ahmed, the Nobel Prize for the pace 2019, declared victory in late November after Ethiopian soldiers captured the regional capital, Mekele, the conflict continued.

In late June, rebel forces regained control of most of Tigray. He continued his offensive in the neighboring regions of Amhara and Afar with the aim of ending what he describes as a “humanitarian siege” of Tigray and preventing the regrouping of pro-government forces.

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