Massive Destruction Unleashed: Exciting New Game Unveiled at PlayStation Showcase

Teardown: The Demolition Game with a Clever Puzzle Twist

Demolition man

If construction games are popular, there are also those that rely on deconstruction, or rather total demolition. The one that satisfies and does good, and also leads to particularly valuable loot! This is quite the concept of Teardown, released on PC in April 2022 only and which has collected no less than 65,000 evaluations for an average of “very positive”.

A title with an excellent reputation, therefore, of which the goal is to set up the perfect heist. And to do this, you will have to rack your brains to develop the best strategy to achieve your goal, including betting on destructive tools: almost any environment can be destroyed!

A noticeable puzzle

Beneath his particularly nag airs, Teardown is actually a pretty clever puzzle game with crazy possibilities. Using explosives, stacking objects, running, driving a vehicle and doing anything and everything, so he is possible to create routes and unsuspected ways to access the loot and escape the vigilance of the police.

All with a recognizable graphic style, voxel in support, which makes son small effect. Brief, Teardown was present tonight at the PlayStation Showcase and for cause: he arrive on PlayStation 5 this year 2023. A first trailer (explosive) can be found above.