Massive Layoff at PlayStation Studio: What Happened to Over 90 Employees?

Sony’s Partnership with Deviation Games

Deviation Games: not one studio PlayStation, but almost

From Bungie to Housemarque to Bluepoint Games, Sony has been far from idle in the area of ​​studio takeovers. But beyond adding new entities to PlayStation Studios, Sony has signed many partnerships. To put it simply, several development studios work directly for Sony and are financially supported by the firm without belonging to the publisher/builder.

This is the case of D.eviation Games, a studio founded by Jason Blundell and Dave Anthony and unveiled during the Summer Game Fest in 2021. The duo did not come from nowhere since they worked for a long time at Treyarch, studio to which on owes many episodes of Call of Duty. Made up of more than one hundred developers at the time of son announcementTHE studio works on a whole new license for Sony, visibly oriented towards the game-service triple A.

Dozens of layoffs, the development of the excluded PS5 in danger ?

Two years later, the secret is always well guarded, and concern rises. The game still hasn’t been unveiled, and Deviation Games seems going through a very difficult time. Everything was off to a very good start, despite the announcement of the departure of Jason Blundell in September 2022. Since then, Deviation Games has been led by Dave Anthony, accompanied by Louis Castle (ex-Westwood), Jonathan Hawkins and Dean Rymer (from Sony Santa Monica) or Tony Flame, who worked on Call of Duty Black Ops. Today, on learns that a fat vague dismissal took place within the studio.

Confirmed by several other developers, theinformation shared by VGC and Eurogamer refers to the departure of approximately 90 people. We do not know what percentage of the workforce this corresponds to, car none information on the size of studio has not been given for nearly two years. Similarly, difficult to know what happened, but several developers, including Kyle Perras added, indicate that the studio found himself in a difficult situation and that the layoffs were forced. PlayStation and Deviation Games not yet communicated about these dismissals, it is best to take tweezers regarding the future of the game in development. That being said, so many one-shot starts never send a signal very positive when it comes to the smooth running of a project. As of this writing, production of the game is still underway.

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