Mastura Al-Shammari: Positive discrimination policies represent a mechanism for Arab women to exercise their political rights

Dr Mastoura bint Obaid Al-Shammari, chair of the Arab parliament’s committee on social, educational, cultural, women’s and youth affairs, said positive discrimination policies ensure the minimum exercise by Arab women of their rights. politicians and sanction the principle of equal opportunities for both sexes on the field.

“Al-Shammari”, in representation of the Arab Parliament, said yesterday during her participation in a seminar organized by the Organization of Arab Women, to present the results of the second phase of the regional research project “The forms of participation of women in political life and the impact of positive discrimination policies in favor of women “: that many Arab countries have witnessed qualitative steps and progress in the field of political emancipation of women, which has been reflected in her holding the highest offices at national, regional and international levels.

He stressed that positive discrimination policies were born as a mechanism to activate equality, not to limit it and to adopt fairer and less partial electoral laws, explaining that the quota system, by its nature, remains a temporary measure and a step towards achieving equality, drawing attention to the importance of creating an environment that incubates the idea of ​​political participation for women.