Matthias Samer: I don’t expect Bayern to withdraw from their domain in Bundesliga

BERLIN: Former German football star Matthias Samer has expressed his belief that Bayern Munich’s dominance in the German league (Bundesliga) will not stop. Bayern have monopolized the Bundesliga title for the past ten seasons. “I don’t think so,” said Samer in a statement published today by the German sports magazine “Kicker”, in answer to the question of whether Bayern will open the doors to their title competition in this season. He explained: “When a club achieves this success over the course of a decade, we must stop complaining or look at it with envy, but we must look at it with total respect. I do not expect a regression of Bayern’s dominance. ”Samer, 54, is an advisor to Borussia Dortmund, a stubborn rival of Bayern, who and Leipzig hope to end Bayern’s dominance in the local title. Thomas Helmer, former colleague of Samer in the German national team, also stated in the magazine “Kicker” that he sees “at least hope” in the existence of a competition for the title after several years of control of Bayern. (dpa)