Mauritania Controversy and shock after the early exit from African nations

Nouakchott – Mohamed El-Bekkay The early exit of the Mauritanian team (Al-Mourabitoun) from the finals of the Africa Cup “Cameroon 2021” sparked a wide debate, as well as shocking national public opinion with the performance of their team. While many blamed the Mauritanian Football Association for the team’s subsequent defeats in the African Nations Cup, others blamed the players, while others held French manager Didier Gomez responsible. Mauritania officially left the African league after conceding four goals without scoring, as they were in Group F alongside Tunisia, Mali and Gambia. Disappointing results The Mauritanian government described the team’s performance in the Africa Cup as disappointing. The Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Mokhtar Ould Dahi, said that the team’s results “disappoint our hopes, disappoint the hopes of the sports public and disappoint the Mauritanian people”. Has indicated in a press conference on Friday 20 January, which will carry out the necessary assessment, quickly identify faults and try to correct them quickly. He added: “Everyone and always with the national team , with him often or defeated, this does not mean that in in case of disappointing results, not everything is put into effect in table and errors and deficiencies are sought, errors are corrected and deficiencies are integrated, and this is what will happen “. Anger and resignation requests Mauritanian fans expressed their anger after the early exit from the African wedding with comments criticizing the team responsible for the social networking. The journalist, Habibullah Ahmed, wrote on his Facebook page: “We are back with seven goals in pocket and a lot of national humiliation. “He added:” bitterly, they did not play for us with a fight worthy of our national colors. The sadness did not appear even if they were made on their faces, except for the sincere tears of only three players, yet we will continue to encourage them, we just want to clear the field, sifting is the solution. “For his part, MP Mohamed Boye Sheikh Mohamed Fadel wrote, also on Facebook: “Al-Mourabitoun, thank you, you come to us and we are to you. The manager is a disaster and must be eliminated. “Sports critic Mohamed Ahmed Dede believes the team appeared” flabby, not in harmony with a negative possession against Gambia and, in much smaller measure, against the Tunisian team. “He added in a statement to the Anadolu agency: “There were many mistakes and gaps, and the disaster occurred despite our confrontation with Tunisia less than two months ago and our defeat in front of them by five goals, which indicates that we have not learned the lessons of the previous fights “. He continued: “The responsibility rests with the current Mauritanian Football Association office, which since 2011 has failed to take advantage of the great material and moral support provided by the state to build a strong team, due to its abandonment of the main nutrients of national teams such as the grassroots football and the local league of various grades and age groups “. And he concluded: “The current office of the Federation is now obliged, before ever, to present his resignation by calling an extraordinary general assembly”. Studying the imbalances The Mauritanian Football Association apologized for what it called the “bad side” that the team showed during its participation in the current African Nations Cup, committing itself to making the necessary decisions to build a competitive team in future. The federation said in a statement, on January 17, that he understood the extent of the Mauritanian people’s “frustration and grumbling over the team’s performance during this tournament”, noting that “the team’s results were contrary to what the federation had planned and sought. ” The Federation defended itself from the criticisms, adding that “it has done everything possible to ensure the best possible preparatory program for this tournament, providing all means of preparation at the highest level, including retreats, friendlies, bonus and adequate incentives, with the support of the state ”. The star of the national team retires from Mauritanian anger over the performance of “Al-Mourabitoun”, which prompted the star of the national team, Adama Ba, to retire from international football, minutes after the last match of the African championship against Mali , which closed in favor of questlast with two free goals. Adama Ba wrote, via Facebook: “With a sad heart, I announce my retirement from international football, and here I thank my family and all the people who have always supported me from the beginning. It was a great honor for me to defend the colors of my country for 9 years”. (Anatolia)