Mauritania postpones the season "octopus" months and identify the cause

The Ministry of Fisheries and the Maritime Economy of Mauritania has announced the postponement of the resumption of octopus fishing to January 1, 2023 instead of the previously planned date of December 1 this year.

In a circular from Mauritanian Minister of Fisheries and Maritime Economy Mohamed Abdin Ameev, this decision is explained by the excess of the total catch of octopuses over the number allowed for fishing in 2022.

This circular stated that, in accordance with the law stipulated by the Marine Fisheries Code, “the resumption of the octopus fishery has been postponed to January 1, 2023, although it was scheduled for December 1, 2022.”

In addition, the decision also provided for “the possibility of reviewing the resumption of fishing, taking into account the status of the stock and based on the advice of the Mauritanian Institute of Ocean Research and Fisheries”.

Source: news