McDonald’s Faucet Company veteran as is first global customer officer

A pedestrian walks past an American fast- food hamburger restaurant the logo of the McDonald’s chain seen in Hong Kong.

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McDonald’s announced Monday touched company veteran Manu Steijaert as his first global customer office manager in his latest step to improve the digital And in- customer person experience.

In Steijaert’s new role, which begins August 1, will report to CEO Chris Kempczinski and serve as head of the newly created customer experience team. Marketing, data analysis, digital customer involvement and McDonald’s new loyalty program they will all fall under his control.

“Our customers should to be in degree of move seamless between the in-store, takeaway and home delivery service channels to offer also more convenience and better customization, ”Kempczinski said in a message to McDonald’s system seen by CNBC. “While I was thinking about this future, I concluded that we had to remove some internal barriers and silos that eventually lead to a fragmented customer experience. “

Steijaert worked for McDonald’s since 2001, but its links with the fast- giant food date back several more decades. His parents they were McDonald’s affiliates in Belgium. Since 2019 he is vice president of international managed markets, a segment that includes France and Australia.

Actions of McDonald’s increased this by 13% year, giving it a market value of 181 billion dollars. The company should report his second-quarter earnings on Wednesday.

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