Media: discovery of a subspecies of the strain "Omicron" Persistent and highly contagious

The Canadian channel CTV, citing a source, reported that the first cases of a new subtype “BA.2.75” of the Omicron strain were detected in Canada.

The new subtype “BA.2.75” is believed to be highly contagious and resistant to antibodies obtained after vaccination or disease, according to the Canadian TV channel, indicating that scientists have not yet reached the severity of the infection route. of this type compared to other strains.

In this regard, a spokesman for Health Canada stated: “According to the preliminary report, five cases of infection with BA2.75 have been reported in Canada as of July 6,” noting in the same context that “the numbers may change upon careful consideration of the definition of these subtypes.”

The channel also reported on the discovery of this coronavirus mutation in India and at least ten other countries, including Australia, Germany, the UK and the US.

Source: RIA Novosti