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Media Filmscroft’s big plans for the music sector


After watching the South Asian base in the US from news and quality content for so many years, NTV Houston’s President Mr. Navroz Prasala is eyeing the Indian music market.

Navroz Prasla, owner of South Asian news channel NTV Houston, has a wealth of Indian credits. She has produced an award-winning Marathi film, along with her has created a web series Life of Five, which is soon to be streamed on a well-known OTT channel. And now he wants to capture the divers music scene of India.

Talking about his expansion plan in the music sector, he said, “Music is a very important part of Indian culture. We have songs for everyone on every occasion such as happiness, sorrow, history, happiness, swag, style and more. The music is very diversified and there is no shortage of talent. All we need is a platform that can give a good chance to these polished and uncut gems.

I have launched my own music label ‘Media Filmscroft’ and we have just released a single ‘Ishq Bhigaye Naina’ featuring Big Bose contestant Nishant Malkani. We are very happy with the final output and I am sure that the audience will like this song too. ‘Media Filmscroft’ will give the artist a 360 degree platform and opportunity. This mach will give opportunity to every new artist along with the main stream artists, irrespective of the language or city ”.

Navroz further explained his plan and initiative, “Our aim is to nurture, develop and prepare different artists, actors and singers for commercial and international levels from different art forms. We have fan base all over the world and now the time has come to bring the artist of India on the international map. “

When asked whether he too wants to launch his OTT platform in India like Amazon, Netflix, Zee5, Navroz said, “We are working on it.” His work has started but it is too early to comment on him. We are working on different aspects and we will make an official announcement as soon as the things start rolling.

Entertainment business is booming in India and with my experience and exposure, I will be able to build my own fan base in no time. ”

Video Link For Media FilmsCraft Music’s New Song – Ishq Bheegaye Naina

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