Medieval Dynasty Update Is Available – Notes on patch on May 11th

Medieval Dynasty Update Is Available - Notes on patch on May 11th

Toplitz Productions released a new update for Medieval dynasty today. Well show you the new content and bugs fixes on May 11th.

The Medieval Dynasty Update can now be downloaded for PC. With today patch there’s a new system for dynamic environment sound, updates and bugs fixes

Notes on patch of the medieval dynasty


  • A new system for dynamic environment sound. Wind and bird sound employee on the number of trees near the player. (Work in progress)
  • The miners dig in the walls of the cave.
  • New sounds for wind in forests.
  • New sounds for birds. (Work in progress)
  • New sounds of fishing for NPC – inactive (water movement), catch and miss.
  • Automatic save on completing quest.
  • New sounds for rain (non-wooded areas only).


  • Strange collisions of bolts.
  • Reduced instances of animals that appear on trees, rocks and other objects.
  • Sometimes wild animals appear in the player’s village.
  • Some building modules break too fast.
  • Alwin’s story VIII and IX quests they are annoying on to load.
  • The character is skewed twice when you stop creating during the default creation animation.
  • One of road signs indicate the wrong village.
  • Bug clearing quests on to load.
  • Bug with NPCs appearing e moving around the grates and stoves of the Taverna.


  • Czech language.
  • Hungarian language.
  • Ukrainian language.
  • Swedish language.
  • Russian language.
  • Rendering optimization.
  • Several changes in the numbers of resources extracted from animals.
  • scheme for Stone Spear is now in Hunting Lodge I.
  • scheme for Daub is now in Barn I.
  • Modified creation recipe for Wheel and bucket in wood.
  • Changed on price for the bucket.
  • The creation and production of buckets is now in Workshop I.
  • Increase in the number of wild animals.
  • Increased the employee limit to the Mine from 2 to 6 people.
  • Lowered the employee limit in Barn II from 8 to 6 people is in Barn III from 12 to 8 people.
  • Stock market radial menu now shows season in which the player can sow / plant and reap / reap.
  • Sounds for Horse, donkey, deer – canceled whinny sounds from run / sprint – added more in idle.
  • More natural animal feed sounds.
  • More natural animal breathing sounds.
  • Land reorganization near Hornica – mountains loom over the village.
  • Inverted kinematics for some animals.
  • Inverted kinematics for player and NPC.
  • Decreased movement speed for Buck, Doe and Wolf.
  • Dodge attacks and escape without running from uninjured animals should to be more difficult now.
  • Slightly increased movement speed for Boar and Bear.
  • Lowered chance for to bear play the position attack animation.

source: Vapor

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