Entertainment Meek Mill supports American soldiers defending the country -...

Meek Mill supports American soldiers defending the country – See his message here


Meek Mill also decided to share a message on his account on social media during these periods of tension between the United States and Iran. Other celebrities have done the same, and they have all managed to spark intense controversy and debate among their fans.

Anyway, here’s what Mill wrote about his social media account.

“Once for the soldiers who really have to go to war and put their lives on the line…. we in the trenches, so we know the feeling of having life online 24/7 without knowing if you are going to come home! “Wrote Mekk.

Once for the soldiers who really have to go to war and put their lives on the line…. we in the trenches so we know the feeling of having your life on the line 24/7 without knowing if you came home!

– Meek Mill (@MeekMill) January 5, 2020

Someone commented: “I hear what you are saying, but the death toll in some urban areas is worse than in other countries … and some people survive the war and go home and go get killed … but I can hear you. “

One follower said, “It is not the same thing. My companions, my soldiers, my Marines who are abroad can spend months, years without seeing their family. They are in constant danger. They face death every day. It’s not the same thing.’

Someone else wrote: “There should be a law relating to war: whoever declares war leads from the front. It can’t be having a person who plays with other people’s lives and going to play golf. “

A Twitter user said, “Definitely NOT the same big brother. Our troops fighting in a real war are not the same as street violence thinks. That said, I see your message for the troops ???? ’

Someone also had a few words to share: “It’s not the same as walking on the street. It’s like walking on a road walking on a landmine that you can’t see and survival is almost zero. Not like playing Call of Duty on Xbox and making a mistake and rebooting from the last bro checkpoint. Did you really go there? ♠ ️ »


The other day, it was revealed that rapper T.I. shared a message on his social media account in which he said that he agreed with Iranian leaders on certain aspects.

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