Meetings in Khartoum with Hamdok and Al-Burhan .. and these are the details

The political crisis in Sudan is still blocked in a bottleneck, with no progress leading to a solution, despite all the internal meetings and international and regional mediations.

Sources in Al-Arabiya / Al-Hadath confirmed today, Thursday, that Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdouk established, during his meeting with the political mediation delegation, yesterday evening, Wednesday, Wednesday, that he will return to participate by consensus of the ” living revolutionary forces. ”

Expand the powers of the Sovereign Council

The sources also indicated that the delegation offered Hamdok the position of member (15) in the Sovereign Council, but political forces insisted on his return as the head of any future government, rejecting this proposal.

Furthermore, the information indicated that the military component wanted to increase the powers of the Sovereign Council in so as to give it executive powers, but this proposal was rejected because it increases the powers of the Council, which can mean a shift from the parliamentary system to the presidential system, and this is not consistent with the non-invasive articles of the constitutional document.

Meetings in Khartoum with Hamdok and Al-Burhan .. and these are the details
Protesters in Khartoum carry a photo of dismissed prime minister Abdalla Hamdok (Archive – AFP)

Multiple initiatives and mediators

The sources have also indicated that the visions are approaching and moving away, but the large number of mediators of other political forces and the multiplicity of initiatives of some personalities have delayed the achievement of a solution.

Interestingly, a meeting that included figures from the Revolutionary Front and the Freedom and Change Forces met with Hamdok last night, delegated by the commander in Sudanese army chief, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, to resolve the issue of participation as prime minister of the transitional government.

Sources in Al-Arabiya / Al-Hadath said that after the meeting with Hamdok, the aforementioned delegation held another meeting with Al-Burhan.

Hamdok had previously identified Fadlallah Barama Nasser, Youssef Muhammad Zain and Haider Al-Safi of the Central Council for Freedom and Change, as well as Malik Agar, Al-Hadi Idris, Al-Taher Hajar and Mona Minawi, of the Revolutionary Front and the movement of armed struggle, as well as each of Yasser al-Atta and Abd al-Rahim Dagalo of the military component, as mediators between him and the trial.

He also asked some national and legal figures to participate in the discussions between him and the various parties, such as the thinker Al-Shafei Khader, the legal expert Nabil Adib and Mudawi Ibrahim.

Interestingly, the country has been experiencing a political crisis since 25 October, after the army chief announced the dissolution of the government and sovereign council and the imposition of a state of emergency, following a campaign of arrests that included ministers. government, officials and leaders in the forces of freedom and change, and even a number of parties, such as Hamdok himself, before being released the next day. While Al-Burhan in He later made it clear that Hamdok was in his hospitality after receiving news of security risks surrounding him.

However, these steps by the military have launched a wave of international criticism and are calling for a return to the democratic path, as well as urging the initiation of a series of international, regional and local mediations in order to re-establish the partnership between the army and civilian components who have taken power in the country since 2019, after the ousting of al-Bashir.

But mediation efforts are still faltering, although optimism has prevailed last week, but the past few days have shown that there are a lot of knots.

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