Megan Thee Stallion explains why she’s still in college despite her successful rap career

Megan Thee Stallion has worked very hard on her music, but that doesn’t mean that she plans to quit her education and focus solely on her career. In a new interview, she explained why, despite her growing success, she is still in school!

As fans may know, Megan is currently in the process of graduating from Texas Southern University.

While participating in the Variety Hitmakers brunch earlier this month, she chatted with HollywoodLife, explaining to the media why she continues to attend college despite her superstar status.

“My grandmother was a teacher, and I started when my mother was alive and I feel like I should definitely see him. But that’s for me, school and my music were, as I said, both from my Ace plan. So I have to see it through, “she said.

About a year ago, Billboard reported that the rapper was studying to get his degree in health administration.

It is not known if she is still studying in the same major, but Megan explained to the site that “I just want to keep working harder and I suppose to be more successful. Everyone keeps asking me, “How are you feeling?” And what is the next step? And I say to myself, “I don’t even feel like I’m where I want to be.” So I just want to keep working harder. “


As for his career in the music industry, Megan revealed that his dream collaboration would be definitely with Beyonce.

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