Megan Thee Stallion Says She Has Really High Standards For Men– Here’s Why She Won’t Settle For Just Anybody!

When it comes to discovering love,

Megan Thee Stallion has high standards and no strategies to reduce them! The star who has been connected to other big names such as G-Eazy and Trey Songs described the reason that she won’ t offer her heart away to just anybody!

Megan made it extremely clear that any male who wishes to have her love should make it first.

When it comes to the reason that she is so choosy when it concerns love, it ends up that there is an extremely ‘influential’ one, as she put it.

While talking with Marie Claire for their cover story, Megan in-depth her fantastic relationship with her moms and dads maturing, pointing out to name a few things that she utilized to be an overall ‘daddy’ s woman.’

That being stated, it ends up that exactly her relationship with her late dad is why she is not intending on opting for just anybody.

‘My dad was definitely my best friend, but for the first eight years of my life, he was in jail. When he got out, we were together every day. … I saw how he treated my mom, and I saw how my dad treated me. I have so many strong positive influences. I’ m not going to reduce my standards,’ the celebrity informed the publication.

Sadly, her time with him was brief considering that he died while she was a freshman in high school.

Not just that however Megan likewise found out a lot from her mom, Holly Thomas who utilized to rap under the alias Holly-Wood while likewise working as an expense collector.

Enjoying her mom hustling to put food on the table and have whatever they required really motivated young Megan to be the very same sort of female.

‘I would see her fit in writing after work and before work. I’ m utilized to seeing that work principles.’


Megan likewise lost her mother not too long back as she passed away of brain cancer in 2019.

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