Entertainment Meghan King Edmonds admits that she is "too thin"...

Meghan King Edmonds admits that she is “too thin” because fans worry about her health during the divorce – “I am a stressor not eater”


Lately, it seems like every time Meghan King Edmonds appears online or on TV, she is leaner than the last. That being said, fans are quite concerned about his health and it turns out that the Real Housewives of Orange County star is well aware that his weight has decreased at an unhealthy rate.

The concerns about her slim figure come in the middle of her separation from her husband Jim Edmonds, which could be a reason why she lost a lot of weight.

The stress of a breakup, especially in a divorce, can sometimes do this to a person.

In addition, Meghan has always been leaner, so every pound she loses is highly visible.

Last night, she finally responded to people’s concerns on her Instagram page.

Meghan posted a photo of her playing with her 2-year-old daughter Aspen and twin sons Hart and Hayes, 1, on a wing.

In addition to the lovely family photo, the proud mother wrote: “Push each other every day.” Aww ….

She was really thin in this photo, so one fan commented, “You look very skinny. I know you have a lot on your plate. And I can only imagine how difficult it is to juggle everything. Take care of yourself mom, you can’t pour into an empty cup. Send you love. “

Indeed, Meghan admitted that she was underweight and explained that she was, indeed, like that because of stress.

“I’m too skinny. I am a non-stress eater. I’m working on it, ”she replied to the gentle worried follower.


It is good to hear that she is aware of the problem and that she is in fact consciously trying to change her lifestyle and be healthier despite the difficult times she is going through.

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