Meghan Markle accused of photoshopping her face in the family Christmas card with Prince Harry and Archie Harrison

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made the headlines this week when they released their Christmas e-card that featured the couple with their seven-month-old son Archie Harrison. But, some fans immediately started calling them with allegations that they had photoshopped Markle’s face on the map.

The black and white photo shows the Duke and Duchess of Sussex sitting by a Christmas tree while Archie crawls towards the camera. But even if Harry and Meghan are seated the same distance behind Archie, Harry’s face is a bit blurry while Meghan is completely in focus.

I’m just sharing the sweetest Christmas card from our President and Vice President, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Very Merry Christmas, everyone!

– The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust (@queenscomtrust) December 23, 2019

After fans started tweeting about the photo, the Daily Mail photo office decided to do some research by flattening the shadows on Meghan’s face, and it seemed to reveal that the Duchess’ face had been added. To the picture.

The store explained that it was possible that the image of Meghan’s face was taken from another photo of the photo shoot and added later to the published photo.

“Look at Meghan’s face, it’s Photoshopped,” tweeted a skeptic. “His face is clear and everything else is blurry. Archie’s is also pictured. “

Another fan added, “This is quite possibly the worst Photoshopped photo I have ever seen. And again with black and white. “

Professional photographer Max Cisotti – who has worked in the industry for almost three decades and has celebrity photo agencies – told the Daily Mail that “something is wrong” with the photo.

Cisotti explained that it had to do with the focal plane. Harry and Meghan are parallel in the photo, so if one is sharp, the other would be. It is clear that the couple is side by side in the photo and Harry is not more ahead.

Just badly photoshopped. Look at Archie’s left shoulder, it looks like someone was pulling his sweater from behind because one side is abnormally higher. Part of Harry’s bottom is missing and it looks like he’s sitting in the air above the carpet.

– WNY ???? (@ wcny228) December 24, 2019

Cisotti said it looks like Meghan’s face has been touched up in another photo. He said there were two lights on Archie’s face because there were two white highlights in his left pupil.

As far as Meghan’s shadow is concerned, you can’t really see the hairline on her left – all you can see is her face. This means that one of two things happened: they deliberately blurred everything and then improved the details right on his face or his face was touched up in another photo.

Cisotti said the first option would be “special,” so he thinks the Photoshop option is what happened because his face is sharp.

“So his face has been superimposed or improved considerably. You can’t change the laws of physics no matter who you are, ”said Cisotti.

The photo – which was taken by their friend Janina Gavankar – was first made available to the public via the unverified Twitter account The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust as a moving GIF, with the caption: “Just share the sweetest Christmas card from our President and Vice-President – President, Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Merry Christmas, everyone! “


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are said to have emailed the card to friends and staff while they were sending hard copies to family members.

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