Melanie Griffith’s changing face worried, she is addicted to plastic surgery

Aging in Hollywood is not easy and for Melanie Griffith, 62, some fear that her change of face has cost her acting jobs. A new Star Magazine report suggests that Melanie may even be addicted to plastic surgery. The Oscar-nominated actress and mother of beauties Dakota Johnson and Stella Banderas and her son Alexander Bauer have worried some went public several years ago saying that she had undergone procedures to thwart the results of certain procedures. Now reports say that Melanie is doing more to her face in an effort to restore her youth and land more jobs.

Star Magazine quoted an insider who said he saw Melanie go out and discover Los Angeles in December.

“It looks like she just got a new supply of Botox and loads injected into her forehead, cheeks and lips – and as usual, she did too much. She swore to her friends that she had overcome the urge to fix her face, but she is still obsessed. At this point, it has practically ruined itself. “

You can see a video that chronicles the changing face of Melanie Griffith in the video player below.

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The article was quick to point out that the actor roles for Mélanie were rare. Hollywood is starting to see some changes in the industry when it comes to aging and giving women leading roles. Films like Wonder Woman have challenged tradition and challenged stereotypes because for decades, no one thought that a film starring a superhero would be a blockbuster.

Older women are starting to see more roles open to them, and for many years, the belief was that if you get older, you don’t work. Many actresses and even models have turned to plastic surgery to preserve and maintain their youth to be dissatisfied with the results.

Now it seems that the tide has turned and that older women with a more natural appearance, and yes, even wrinkles, continue to find themselves in landing roles. Helen Mirren, Meryl Streep and Susan Sarandon are some examples.

All is not lost for Mélanie. Even though she and Antonio Banderas have been married for 18 years and are now divorced, he chose her to play his new film Akil.


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